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Your stereo

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Trying to find a way to to get away to listen to some tunes while riding around. I'm kind of leaning toward a blue tooth speaker of some sort. Just wondering what people on here are using pic and description would be great thanks.
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I'm in the process of making mine now
I've got the yamaha overhead system, main complaint it doesn't have a remote
don't have a pic but I bought a boss atv20 speaker tube I just plug my phone in reasonable price and sounds good
I'm kind of leaning toward blue tooth that way I can use my I phone
the speaker tube I have has bluetooth

Just looked it up I like that but where do you have it mounted or setting
Sweet! At $100 it seems like a good deal. i wonder what sound quality is like.
Went and looked at one they are at best buy also it should fit in the
storage hole under the speedo and and if not display and
Wow that was jacked up any who should fit in storage hole under the speedo display and if not the ill just pull out the grab bar and hang it on it the reinstall
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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