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Yamaha's model plans?

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Yamaha Motor's wholesales of ATV*2 and ROV models in 2012 totaled approximately 70,000 units. In order to strengthen our presence as a pioneer of the ROV market, YAMAHA WILL CONTINUE TO OFFER NEW ROV MODELS LIKE THE VIKING with a target of expanding sales to a scale of 110,000 units by 2015 as laid out in our new medium-term management plan.

Full paper

Release of the new 3-seater "VIKING" off-road vehicle. A new North American market model to lead the RV lineup under the new mid-term plan - News Releases | YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD.
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thats quite a lot of units, i wasn't expecting that much. who knows with all the interest building up around the viking we could see this number rise
Since the Viking can seat three people, I think Yamaha has left room to make both a smaller version of the Viking and a larger version. One for 2 people and the other for 3. It's genius really. The smaller one will be sportier and the larger one will be heavy duty. They should be able to increase sales by a lot by doing that.

Do you think this could be the plan?
Yeah that sounds about right Honda has that game plan already in the works as so it seems.
yeah, i still think they need Rhino size sxs. Why not one that is the Size of a Rhino, but with a bench seat, like the Midsize Rangers?
Not sure what Yamahas deal is with Bucket seats, a bench seat can be plenty comfy.
Easier to remove one to get to the air box instead of the hole seat I guess. You'd be amazed at the people that will complain about these types of things.
The more I look at the wheel base and design of the Viking the more I see the Honda Pioneer 4 seat idea coming out of the Viking. Change the cage mounting areas and extend the cage out. Going to be interesting to see what Yamaha's ideas are. Nice to finally look forward to new ideas from Yamaha. But if everything's based off the Viking like past projects there's going to be some pretty piss off people in the next couple years. lol
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