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Yamaha Viking vs Polaris Ranger 800

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I like how they describe the superior CVT in the Viking and even show a video of the Rangers unreliable CVT. I do like the engine braking performance of the Viking. It seems to be much better than the competitors.

The all 4 wheel locking diff in forward or reverse is a selling point for me.

They bring out some good points about the Rangers interior design. The guy in the middle is really going to have a shitty day.

The wide and long stance of the Viking is useful but I wonder if it'll make it too large.

Seeing these videos really makes you realize how much thought went into the Viking design.
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You can't beat the Yamaha CVT. Best in the business in my opinion. I tell everyone, the only way you know is by taking everything your interested in for a ride. Everyone's different on what they like. I can say that Yamaha has one of the most reliable machines in the business from experience and wouldn't hesitate to purchase one.
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