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Yamaha occasionally publishes technical papers on their products, they just put one out on the Viking. They are almost always in Japanese, so a translator is required to read it.... I've supplied this below. They have put out better papers in the past... but it's still neat.

Currently , there is a demand to 20 million units a year in North America ROV (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle) market , will be to extend in the future is expected . Its use is wide-ranging up to trail running further hunting and agriculture . It is this VIKING has been developed to cover a wide range of applications thereof . It has both a comfortable livability running properties and sought leisure applications along with the practicality required for business use .
*Number of bed out of our 2012 ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), the ROV was about 70,000 , but it is expected to continue to expand the scale to 110,000 units in 2015 years . I introduce ( below , this model ) for VIKING to be the vanguard in this paper.
Aim of development
In order to achieve comfort in riding multiplayer that is required in the market , practicality , was a major aim of three items below .
Secure hold of performance that can ride comfortably three : 1) comfort
Realization of smooth engine performance up to the high-speed range from very low speed range : 2 ) engine characteristic
3 ) Convenience: greater adoption of the rear cargo bed flat
3-2 . Body outline
3-1 . Power source Overview Product Features
In this model which balances the Fanraido and practicality , and expressed the designs that concept foreboding high drivability strength and bending robust the " Real Off Roader " . In consideration of damage to the body of the off-road running in the trail , particularly to enhance the damage preventing properties in consideration arrangement nest , material , and number of parts , exterior parts to reduce the loss of function even if it is damaged , I was designed to easy to repair or replace .
3-2-1 . Body size layout
With a focus on an effective cargo bed size in youth work and cabin size three passenger spend comfortable , body size was the aim of car case of a reasonable balance that does not impair the run characteristics in the trail . Also reflects the views of the market , and in consideration for the balance of convenience and for detailed dimensions . For example, to be able to move across the crop when it assumes a North American agricultural use , to move the vast farmland , was the tread size that takes into account the rut width of arable land .
I shows a vehicle body layout in Figure 2. In order to suppress the change in behavior at the time of loading , the body layout friendly weight distribution . Center of gravity position by making the riding position neighborhood in particular , aimed at realization of maneuverability effects due to riding a small number of people . Friendly access and convenience of maintenance the engine , and at the same time to ensure the maintenance in the child be placed in the center seat under the air cleaner box , to the seat surface of the engine heat also , under the rear cargo bed by eliminating the influence of , it was realized a comfortable living space . Further , by using the layout in bulk to the front hood , electrical equipment has improved the convenience of maintenance . A structure that considers mud entering prevention electrical equipment storage box , was hardly accept the influence of off-road various environments by arranging the intake port therein further .
The flat floor of sturdy steel a rear cargo bed , adopted the gas damper with dump method (Figure 3) . It was possible the mounting of 48 inches size pallet , loading weight of 600 pounds by equipped with a left and right lever latch reliable , to adopt the tail gate opening wide . The enhanced scalability by addition to the adoption of bedside shape in consideration for installation of equipment and accessories for tie-down hooks Other standard equipment 2 inches hitch receiver .
2014 model ROV VIKING 2014 model ROV VIKING
     This model , performance required as ROV vehicle engine based on a water-cooled four-stroke single cylinder SOHC4 valve engine ( 2014 model ) GRIZZLY 700 is the flagship model of our utility ATV, in order to satisfy durability , we modify the following .
Engine : engine performance characteristics with an emphasis on medium- low speed (Figure 1) . And drive system : it while following (the drive that allows the operation of the engine brake and smooth running at full speed range , the transmission system ) the ultra -matic transmission proven at ATV, a larger CVT variable speed ratio (L / enough from slow to 6.5% UP) T ratio
I did achieve both the fastest and ensure driving force . And reliability : large radiator and additional water-cooled oil cooler
I enhanced the cooling performance by reduction . For CVT, it was ensured the durability of the belt to be due to installation of the ventilation fan to the secondary side in addition to the primary side , thereby improving the belt chamber cooling capacity further .
Figure 1 engine performance characteristics
Figure 2 layout diagram
2014 model ROV VIKING 2014 model ROV VIKING
    top view
  air cleaner box
   electrical component box
SOHC4 valve single-cylinder engine
    air cleaner inlet
   side view
 rack-and- pinion steering ASSY
CVT cooling duct
    rear cargo bed
 large radiator
  Fr. Double wishbone suspension + low-pressure gas cushion
 Rr. Double wishbone suspension + low-pressure gas cushion
      Shindai diameter piston brake caliper + large-diameter disc
Ultra -matic transmission
Fuel tank
 dump operating condition
Convenient dumping type rear cargo bed in loading and unloading of cargo Figure 3
3-2-2 . Cabin layout
Adopted a separate sheet with excellent hold fit and sheet (Figure 4) . In the call to offset backward 5 degrees with respect to the left and right seat back of the center further , the shoulder of the occupant each other hardly touched , and provide a comfortable living space to sit comfortably in three crew members (Figure 5) . The footrest to help keep posture three-point seat belts all seats , passenger grab bar that can be position adjustment is easy to grasp , while driving , such as shoulder bolster , Ofuro
I have adopted a variety of functions to run comfortably do . The flat arrangement , the seat bottom surface and the floor is realized floor in walk-through of the occupant . I improved the utility in a wide range of scenes, such as farming .
5 °
      3 -point seat belts all seats
  shoulder bolster
  split sheet to ensure fit Figure 4 , the feeling of hold
Cabin 5 Figure 3 people spend comfortably
Separate seat
 The instrument panel portion by concentrating disposed on the handle side of the right shift / parking levers , to achieve good usability (Figure 6 ) . Also a large glove box , I was equipped with two each left and right cup holder .
Large glove box
Instrument panel with excellent usability Figure 6
3-2-3 . Driving performance
*In order to improve the properties accomplishment rough road , it is 300mm ensures a minimum ground clearance , the vehicle body lower surface was employed steel skid plate of a smooth shape in addition . Also achieved a prolapsed was excellent and the suppression of the stack by rounding up 60 mm more ground clearance of rounding up the left and right ends of the cabin bottom (Figure 7) .
2014 model ROV VIKING 2014 model ROV VIKING
You achieve a natural steering feel is light to optimize the interaction of Raimento , Ayatsureru at will . Also was adopted for the first time an electric power steering fitted car specifications in order to support further light handling .
Low-pressure gas cushion
Steering / suspension system to achieve a comfortable driving a figure 8 ( front )
*With front and rear suspension is a double wishbone , to tune the adoption of low-pressure gas cushion with a large bump rubber , each section stiffness of the new pattern tire high traction performance , bottom up to a full load from one person when riding I realized the light steering feel and comfortable ride relaxed feeling attached . In addition , product
In order to ensure a sufficient stable braking force regardless of the conditions and loading , and front and rear hydraulic disc brake brakes , the newly adopted large-diameter disc and new large -diameter piston brake calipers on the front .
*And through the such as the current strike Chite North America and market research by cooperating with the (Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation) development team YMMC , the Company's U.S. subsidiary , this model is the development in the customers view point always it became an attractive model as a standard ROV in the future by advance . Also, I'm sure happy with the wider , that even while achieving the aim of the major development that are listed at the beginning , we were able to offer to the market at an attractive price customers . By superimposing the evolutionary response to market changes subsequently , it will continue to develop so as to have a product that exceeds the expectations of the customers . I want to hold it, was expected to improved model and new products every year in the future.
       digital meter
<EPSshiyo-sha> Actuator integral steering column
  parking brake lever
 shift lever
   passenger for adjustable hand hold
   rack-and- pinion steering ASSY.
      double wishbone suspension
  Shindai diameter piston brake caliper + large-diameter disc
    body design that enhances the seven bad road drivability Figure
*I is shown in Figure 8 . Suspension system panoramic view steering system / Fr.
The characteristics of handling , and that it be balanced light steering force , accurate response , and resiliency are natural , and tuned as well as the work use , so as to enjoy the riding in the trail . Steering system was adopted rack and pinion . Lever ratio and steering gear ratio , steering A particularly
 ■ author
2014 model ROV VIKING 2014 model ROV VIKING
Everyone YMMC Product Development
Todd Booth ( far right)
YMMC (Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation) PD (Product Development)
<Message From YMMC-PD>
The 2014 Viking is a milestone vehicle for the global Yamaha RV team. Just as Yamaha created the side by side market in 2003, we will again reinvent the market in 2014 by offering top-class occupant comfort, functionality, terrainability, style and value. The Viking is just the first of what will be a new ROV (Recreational Off Highway Vehicle) launched each year for the next five years. The Yamaha RV team is made up of equal parts YMC and YMMC design and testing staff that have formed a special partnership that blends the best skills, experiences and resources of both sites to develop products that exceed customer expectations. This special YMC/YMMC partnership reaches back to 1996 during the development of the Beartracker ATV. The YMMC Product Development team is passionate about off-road products and is motivated by the pride we feel when meeting satisfied customers at various riding venues. YMMC PD, together with our partners in YMC RV, will never lose sight of our customers.
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