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Wonder it the SSV overhead stereo unit will house an iphone in a case???

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So I sent SSV the question and this is the lame response I got back.

Our overhead ipod locker consoles will house an iphone with a protective case on it. However it does not fit with all cases. I have seen some of the bigger Otterbox cases are too big but I have had a number of others that fit no problem. Hope this information helps a little. Unfortunately I just can’t test fit all the different cases.

Myself being in product development, you would think they would design things around and test one or two of the larger cases that most users would have due to the nature of the target market they are selling to. (Viking is targeted at farmers / work not a guy carrying a phone in a suit pocket.)

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good point about the phone cases, they should have build it to support this and any other common way people would have their ipods and or iphones
Great question, im waiting for mine to arrive at dealer. My iPhone 5 is an a Outterbox Defender case...we shall see.
i had seen other units SSV sales have a Remote, and i though, wow, that would be really nice to have a remote, surely the one for the Viking would too. Nope it doesnt, i emailed thm and asked. Pretty disappointed about that.
Just mounted mine up today, hadnt got it wired up yet. But my iPhone 5 in the OutterBox Defender case fits perfectly with the lightning adapter connected aswell.
Will do, it looks great
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