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Who has Viking Accessories?

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Yamaha goods were supposed to begin trickling in at the beginning of September, its now mid September and I still haven't heard anything, you guys?

I told my dealer I wouldn't put any money down on the Viking until the accessories came in, but its getting late in the year and I may just wait until the spring when the full catalog will be available...
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ve had my Viking since early August. I gave them a list of accessories i wanted, which are:

Warn Provantage 3500 winch
LED Tail lights
Floor Mats
HD Front brush guard/ HD Headlight guards
Winch Mount.
SSV Works Overhead stereo

They just got the Winch few weeks ago, still no Mount..
No floor mats or Brush Guards yet...

SSV Works overhead stereo..Still nothng

They do have the LED tail lights

One member on here, Brennan, already has the Brush Guards, winch, winch mount, etc.

Yamaha told me the Brush Guard was shipping now, but the headlight guards where on backorder till the 30th, same with the other stuff.

From what my dealer told me the other day, when Yamaha had the dealer show, Dealers ordered parts on the spot at the show. So when accessories go out, they go out in order of that list from the show first..
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Great thread!

Has anyone been able to get a gun rack for the Yamaha Viking as yet?
i have been looking out for the gun rack but only generics are showing up :(
From what my dealer told me the other day, when Yamaha had the dealer show, Dealers ordered parts on the spot at the show. So when accessories go out, they go out in order of that list from the show first..
ahh. No wonder the accessories are so limited.

I wonder how long before stock becomes steady
maybe after the 30th, we can only hope...
Not too long from now.

Are their any accessories in particular you guys are hoping for?
all I have received is the grab bar bumper for the back. Very impressed with the quality. The rest is supposed to be in at the end of Sept.

I must have lucked out. My dealer was fortunate enough to get everything for mine except the "Over Fenders". :confused:
I'm still waiting for the winch mount also. Decided I am going to just make a windshield frame with aluminum diamond plate and have safety glass installed. I also just had the bed sprayed with Rhino lining and it looks great.
How much did the bedliner cost ya? Did they remove the bed or what? Got pic?
$125 I thought that was good. Lifetime warranty Didn't have to remove the bed, I did inside the box and the edges on top. Not the tailgate since it was plastic. I'll take some pics and post tomorrow.

I would like to see it too. I have been thinking about the "Duplicolor" roll on product for the box on mine.
I used some at home stuff in my truck years ago and there are spots that are pealing up. I decided to get it done by a professional so I can bring it back to them if it ever messes up. I'll get some pics up tomorrow for you guys.
Rhino lining posted a video of a Viking with their lining, check it out guys!

looking good. Ive seen the rhino lining stuff at work before. That stuff is tough!

All of you need to post up more photos of these accessories once you get them :D
I get to go pick up some Goodies tomorrow!!!

Dealer called this afternoon, said they got my SSV Works overhead stereo and winch mount.

So tomorrow morning heading there to get these items they've got in:

SSV Works Stereo
Warn ProVantange 3500 Winch
Winch Mount
LED tail lights

Only 2 other things on my list, HD brush guard/headlight guards, and Floor mats.
Viking2k14- Glad your finally getting some stuff in. I need to bring my viking in for the check up and oil change. They wanted it in at 10 hrs for the warranty. Seems quick but oh well. Hopefully they have my winch mount there soon to do them both.
Yeah, that is early, my dealer said 20hr or 200 miles
Still havent heard about brush guards or gun racks. I plan on doing alot of hunting with my Viking in some nasty areas so those brush guards will be quite handy. Might even look into an exhaust silencer and some rumble seats, but those Yami said I'll have to get aftermarket.

Did find a gun rack and boot but it goes across the bed. Wondering if i could rig it to fit across the top, really prefer to have the cannons in the cab with me.

pretty much like that, just Viking set up. Yamaha is supposed to come out with their own but they seem to be heel dragging
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