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Wheel Spacing

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Are you guys running 5+2 spacing all the way around. Also where is the best place online to get wheels?
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Are you guys running 5+2 spacing all the way around. Also where is the best place online to get wheels?
Ordered my tires from Home - Discount Tire Direct, got the STI Black Diamond XTR tires full set shipped to the door for $430.00, 27x9x12 for the front, and 27x11x12 for the rear, they will also fit your stock rims, but I decided to get a set of STI beadlock rims from UTV Headquarters - UTV HEADQUARTERS, Polaris Ranger, Yamaha Rhino, Arctic Cat Prowler Accessories, $435.00 shipped to the door. If you want to see what they look like I have pictures under my screen name, click on forums, then click on tires and wheels, pays to shop around, a local tire dealer here wanted $750.00 "JUST" for the same exact tires, and I got both tires and rims for $160 more by shopping around online
ITP SS212 ATV Wheels Rims Machined 12" Yamaha Grizzly Rhino 4 | eBay

sweet rims... 278 shipped... I originally ordered these and they were out, so they sent me the Sti HD3's instead
Yamaha Grizzly 660 New 4 110 STI HD3 Alloy Wheels 12" Black Machined | eBay

here are the same ones Im runnin with chrome lugs for 300 shipped.. I buy 90% of my stuff from ebay
I just seen the 212's on ebay for $278, good looking wheel and great price. Has there been any issues with the weight of the viking on these wheels. On ITP's site they are rated for 700 lbs each, that 2800 lbs. A decked out viking weighs around 1600lbs. I wouldn't think there would be any problems.
tmcelheny, thanks for your input. ITP had an issue with their center caps being too short, do you know if this was resolved. I see you run STI wheels, just picking your brain a little. Thanks
Ummm not sure bout the Itp center caps but sti has a viking specific center cap in black and chrome... I'd tryn get ahold of itp
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