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What is coming next???

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Any inside news or thoughts on what Yamaha is going to bring to the table next? Everyone seems pretty happy with their Vikings, I however am anxious for a high-performance SxS, 1000cc. Have a RZR 800 and they are not built well at all. I'm a Yamaha guy at heart, still have my 1996 Yamaha Warrior that I got as a kid, and it still runs!

I think they should be releasing something mid-June??
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A little birdie saw a 6 seater. Yea, its ridiculous.

A little birdie saw a 6 seater. Yea, its ridiculous.


It will be hard to find 5 of my friends that just want to be "passengers".
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When i got my dealers first Viking, thats what my salesman thought would be next, was a Viking Crew model, to compete with the Polaris crews.
really.. that many seats.. agreed it will be hard to find that many passengers who dont want to just have their own.

what is the fun in being a passenger :p
Thet better give it a power boost if they do a 6 seater. Holy cow itd be a tank.

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A 6 seater is all here say.. I expect to see an 850 sport model early august. They've been pretty quiet so far though

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6 seater is what I heard as well. Don't bet on a sport model. Look for a Rhino replacement some day.
2 row seating along with refinements

My bet would be they add a 5 or 6 passenger seater. I could see Yamaha go the route of the T-rex 4 with a smaller bed so it wouldn't lengthen the Viking out too much. The Ranger crew is just too big for my taste.

I also hope they address some items:

Exhaust heat shield or something to keep the heat off the rear diff

Headlights that are more powerful. LED might be a good option

Update the door handles. I have heard of many that break when used in the cold

Lockable glove compartment

Unlike many I am fine with the 700 sized engine. It is a little rough and loud for my taste however it has plenty of get up from what I have seen on test drives. I have a family to worry about and I doubt I will every really open up the speed side of the 700. Ya, I am a wimp.

It wouldn't surprise me if they made EPS standard. Even if they raised the price by $1,000. Most dealers around here don't even order a non-eps unit.

All this being said, I hope they bring back a slightly smaller machine like the Rhino. The size of that one was perfect in my opinion.
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What are the issues with heat on the rear diff.
I don't think anyone has had anything break or not function, I believe its just that the exhaust makes the rear diff really hot

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Keep the comments coming! It is just hard for me to believe that Yamaha and Honda are sitting on the sidelines letting Polaris steal the SXS/UTV show. I hope they do something soon!
Nothin new there, Polaris seems like they come out with something cool every week, lol. Yamaha has had the same machines for years and years, and dont change anything but colors. I wish Yamaha would make more coool stuff, more often, but I think the whole Lawsuit BS, scared them off from it.
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