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well, I'm honored

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Hello All Forumers,

thank you for the opportunity to participate!

I look forward to learning about the beautiful new viking. although Ive been in the powered saddle for 35+ years, the viking will be my first UTV! i l think i look like a PHD for making the decision to wait for such a great machine :).
seriously, from what ive seen on this forum so far browing around, its an awesome slice of life to be associated with you all.

prescott pete
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Hey same here, we are glad to have ya!!!
Don't worry about the wait, once you get it, if you do, it will all pay off. Do you actually plan on getting it?
welcome aboard prescott! quite the flattery you lay down, its effective too ;) all kinds of madness going down here, if you get a chance check out the Viking on Panzer tracks ;)
Thanks all. Yes, plan on a purchase sometime early this spring.. Just test drove and decided on the EPS unit. I was concerned about the fell but found the feedback just right for what I want to do... The tracked Viking is wild! Just a testament to good ol' American ingenuity! After gettin a taste of the power during my test drive, I can only imagine the torque the 686 sends to those tracks.
American ingenuity for sure! My test drive proved to me that this thing will climb anything I still have the courage to attempt! The tracks will give the Viking an incredible range of options..

Talk soon,

Prescott Pete
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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