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viper elite 3500 lb winch question

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I'm almost done installing my viper winch and thanks to the info on this site my install has gone smooth till now. I hooked up my rocker switch and the winch works great. Now I hook up the remote and nothing happens. I get a light on the remote but nothing happens. Do I need to program something or should it work once I hit the remote button. I checked the fuse and power and connection and all seems good. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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I didn't have any issues with my on install, it was pretty much plug and play. I believe the light on the receiver changes color when they connect. Sorry I can't be more specific but it's been awhile since I looked at it

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I get a red light on my remote when I hit the in or out button.
I'm looking at my installation instructions and it says to activate the wireless system you need to hold one of the buttons on the wireless remote, then while holding the button press the second button and hold both for 3 seconds. The red light on the reciever box should illuminate, then the remote should work. Hope this helps.

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Indeed, Camo-eps has it right. And, I'm pretty sure you have to redo the two-button sequence every time you want to use the winch (after a power down). I think it's a safety measure.
Thanks for the info. I will give this a shot tomorrow and see what happens.
Well all is good. I tested the remote with the procedure and it worked good. Thanks much for your help!
Just finished my install and I'm very impressed with the viper winch. Very nice product. Thanks motoalliance.
Thanks. So glad. We try hard to make a good product for all you riders. :)
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