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Viking Rad guard

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I had posted this on another forum but I'm really hoping someone comes out with a rad guard soon. My first trip out a day after I brought my Viking home I put a stick through the rad :( Was an expensive first trip.

Has anyone tried putting on a rad guard from another machine?
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Did the stick come straight in, on from underneath?
Did the stick come straight in, on from underneath?
Stick went through the bottom right plastic mesh/grill thing and poked a good hole in the rad. It hit to hard that it knocked the rad right off its holder.

I shoulda bought a **** lottery ticket, I think my odds would have been better.
It sounds like you just got perfectly unlucky. I run two boat fenders (air bags) in the winch area that protects the bottom of my rad. I have a portable winch in my tool box. I posted a pic of my set up under Yamaha viking on 30" silverbacks.
Indeed. I'd rather not be "perfectly unlucky" again and have something protecting my rad. I'm sure it will be a couple more months and they will start popping up.
Go to lowes, buy the metal and make your own, I just used tin snips to shape it, it has saved my radiator many times over

Well crap it wants me to link images using iPad, I posted pics on other forum if anyone interested
I always thought the Viking needs front inner fender covers. It all seems so exposed and unfinished.
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