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Viking 2" lift kit

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Just installed a 2" lift kit on our Viking ordered from Super ATV. In the back the bolts were not long enough. Had to go get 2 bolts 1/2 inch longer to catch the lock nut. Going to let the company know so future folks will hopefully get the right size bolts. Other than that it looks awesome! Empty bike is 13 1/4 inches clearance.


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Agree... More pics
What size tire/wheel combo are you using to fill up the extra space?

More photos please :D
More pics

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definitely need some photos of the lift. full shots!
for the love of god, I have been waiting all day for more pics!!!!!!
I've been waiting for pic's too....and then noticed he had added the pic's to his first post.

BB...what's your plans for tires/wheels ? With the additional 2" in suspension, then add some larger wheels/tires, you're gunna be able to clear a fire hydrant :eek: DANG!!! Well, maybe not quite :rolleyes:

Looks pretty cool!
Seems like people are wanting more pics...

And I am going to join the chorus. I'd like to see your Viking from a bit further away so I can see how it looks different with the lift.

Does the lift kit also affect the suspension?
Everybody check out lilbigtonka, he's got the SuperATV 2" lift on his Viking, think he's got pics of it installed.
Here's a pic he posted a litle while back, i think its got thel ift on it here

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Yes that's mine with 2" super atv lift and 29.5 highlifter outlaws
Looking good

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How long did it take to install, and what wheels and tires are you planning on
For some reason I cant see the pic of Tonka's rig
For some reason I cant see the pic of Tonka's rig
Just a black "X" for me too?

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Hey there BB, Kudo's to the experienced looking Viking, looks like youve been having fun with it!

I noticed in your rear lift install photos that you have not wrapped your exhaust header like many are doing to squelch heat near the rear diff.

Are your exhaust temperatures heating the rear diff at all?
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