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Up and Close to a 2014 Yamaha Viking

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Youtube video showing the Viking up close and personal .. sweet looking ATV!


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Should of took some more detailed footage of the inside I just want to see what these guys are talk about with the underseat compartment on the passenger side.
agreed. a more detailed interior walkthrough is needed.
Wow, the cabin seems much bigger in this video than in the pictures. Someone should do a review of the cabin and give us an idea of what exactly we're working with here.
Has any body seen the biking up close too?

i need to find a dealer with one to see it for myself.
Ive got one, and there's atleast 1 other that i can think of, its plenty roomy in the cab, after all, it is wider than a Ranger, and longer over all. ive had 3 adults in it, and me with my 2 & 6yr old Neices. All fit in it great, leg room is awesome, very comfortable all around. I had a 2010 Fullsize Ranger, and its just as room as it, if not a bit more.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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