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Gained a lot of info off the forum that has helped me get started. Thought I would pay it back with some shots of what I have done so far. We have done a two week desert trip in it and will again this year. We use it mainly for pest work shooting rabbits under light at night as they have been prolific. Biggest night this year was 620. With the drought they have started to remove the grass root stock and serve erosion will be the outcome!

Anyway mods completed so far;
5 inch cage chop
GPS Marine Mount install
Shooting rest fab and install
Manual remote spotlight install
Remote light support fabricated and installed
Rear led lights
Cage wired for power
4 gang light switch panel
Fridge power run into dump body

Still to come;
2 inch lift
heavy rear springs
27 inch tyres
Permanent mount for air compressor


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Very well done!

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