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Trailering and windows?

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I have the OEM folding front window and was curious as to what you all do when trailering your rides. When I go hunting, I will be pulling a 5th wheel trailer...and then a 12' trailer, with the Viking on it, behind that. Most of my trips will be 500-800 miles highway and then 20-30 miles dirt roads.

My question is: Do you trailer with the window on or off? I'm worried about rock chips. Might be a stupid question but, could you run with the window down and a bungee across it?

I used to do this with my Grizzlies, so the SxS thing is a new one for me.
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First off, you def have the right truck for that job!! I wouldn't think the machine would catch much rocks/wind behind the camper. I was told to make sure ya haul em facing forward to keep stress off windshield clamps. Bungee cord cant hurt.
I had the same concern but my dealer told me that the windshield specs stated you could trailer it with the windshield up , up to 80mph. I have done it and it definelty makes the windshield bend/bow in. However I have started to fold it down when I haul it. I use a bungee strap on each side and hook it to the clamp then to the bar above the front wheel. It seems to work good and seems to not put any stress on the clamp.
Not much if any wind is gonna be behind the camper on the trailer, being its so close
My biggest concern is the rocks. The front of my second trailer has rock chips in it...but the Viking window might be high enough to where it will be ok.
I tow mine on a regular basis with the folding windshield in the up position.
Bringing back an old thread now that there are alot more people on here. I'm heading to the deer lease in the morning and was wondering the same thing. Mine is a one piece so folding it down is not an option. It's 1/4" thick by Super ATV. It's about a 5 hour drive and I'll be running 80-85mph. Anybody have any problems? I really don't want to take it off because I'll be worrying about it getting scratched with all the gear in the back of the truck but....
Nope I got a cheap winshield off eBay and run mine hrs down interstate with front and rear and rear that cheap plastic. No concerns. And I have a soft top. Done it a couple trips to ride
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i had the folding yamaha windshield and always left it up. 70-80mph all the way to ashland. no problems

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It can be done with window up, it will flex at variable wind speeds though. I take trips across the states down here to ride multitude of ohv trails. I drop mine down for two reasons. First is wind drag against machine and the way trailer handles against larger vehicles that pass. It limits the "blowing" me out of the road affect. Second it reduces gas consumption especially after long trips because of excessive drag on unit being pulled. I do however fasten down window securely to bumper as to avoid slamming back up during transit. Just a few pro's to putting it down. I also lower my vinyl back window as well..........
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I left mine up on our trip to Turkey Bay early this year and the bow caused me concern even at speeds around 65. For our trip to Ashland I made a piece from a 2 x 6 and a 1 x 1 and some felt to go in between the top of the windshield and the rollbar. it worked like a champ. I actually hold mine in place with a couple of screws wedged against my mirror brackets, but I'd assume you could find a way to secure it if you don't have a mirror. I'd guess taking it off and the back off would be the way to go like mentioned above but I'm to lazy to do that lol
I have done both. Trailered with it up and trailered with it folded down with s bungee holding it down. Sometimes I take the windshield off and put it in the cab of the Viking.
Ok I know this is a very old thread but I found this to be interesting, I have wondered about the best way to trailer my Viking with the Yamaha fold down windshield. Mainly because my windshield came with a warning label that says “to remove windshield if trailering on an open trailer”. And my rear windshield warning label says to remove for trailering if no front windshield is on the SXS.
My windshield is one piece but also came with the warning

I trailer it all day long

Maybe I’m lucky but it’s not a problem for me.
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