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Throttle surge

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My daughter has a 2014 Viking. From idle if she tries to accelerate it surges preventing her from driving at near idle speeds. Could this be caused by the TPS?
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On the bright side, seems like the new owner is getting a very gently used, nearly new Viking. Hopefully they will join the forum. If she went to a Ranger, I have a hard time believing she would have a smoother take-off but to each their own. Polaris machines always seem to lurch on belt engagement based on the ones I have driven - I just don't care for their system personally.
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I posted about high idle earlier. I see this older thread, and I believe my issue is the same.

Air filter and box are wicked clean. Throttle cable is adjusted well and doesn't appear to be sticking at all. Everything actually still looks and moves like new.

The machine works well when initially started, and sometimes even after I'm having trouble. Its sporadic. Without fail though, after it warms up and I've been riding a while it won't idle down all the way, and its like I have one foot on the brake while some ghost rider is secretly pushing down a little on my accelerator.

I can't shift out of or into gear for fear of damage, so I'm doing a lot of starting and shutting down when needed. Sometimes simply shutting it off resets the high idle.

This is leading me to believe that its not my throttle cable at all, and maybe the TPS.

This literally started happening in just one ride and has been consistent since. It was not something that slowly reared it ls ugly head and got worse over time.

I have no intention of selling the viking, just trying to avoid taking it for service, I try to do as much on my own as I can.

When I do have it solved, I will definitely update on the results. And I'm surprised no one else has experienced this. I'm happy to hear from anyone who has swapped out the sensor or had a similar experience!
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If anyone reads this thread, see what I discovered as the likely cause in the discussion "High Idle". (y)(y)
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