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The Mad Viking Project

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Welcome to the Mad Viking Project. I'm anxious to get started... Clutching and suspension are top priorities, but plenty of other awesome things will be happening here... keep an eye out. :cool:
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Look foward to it
I am with ya I am waiting on the clutching work to get done when it becomes avaliable and suspension also

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what are you guys looking for in terms of clutching and suspension?
I'll be designing and building much of my own stuff, it's what I do for a living... I may even pick up a sponsorship here.

The clutching will be an ultra wide ratio set-up... I might have a trick or two that hasn't been applied to the Yamaha CVT system. First though, we'll have to see if it is applicable.

An absolute over the top kick-butt suspension will be built for it. I build Ohlins shocks for various projects quite frequently... with access to their top products, I have little doubt the Mad Viking will open the eyes of some very expensive sport competition.
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Cool project name, Looking forward to seeing this,
Definitely a cool project name, with a name like that i'd like to see it live up to it's name, this is going to be cool :D
awesome. looking forward to the updates.

any photos so far?
No pictures of the machine, it's stock right now. I can gather up plenty of parts pictures, though.
As mentioned, Ohlins will probably be used on this ride.... The TTX is their top damper. It is a twin tube design, but the gas is separated in a reservoir like mono tube damper. The twin tube design keeps it cavitation free, and gives it unmatched response. It also contains and internal secondary piston which works as a hydraulic bump stop, Ohlins calls this system the Progressive Dampening System, or PDS. Here's a picture of one.


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Here's a sneak peak of a front end mock-up I did this AM. This is a regular (if you can call Ohlins that) 36mm mono tube with PDS, about the same size as one would see on something like a RZR S w/ the Fox Shocks. A very nice capable shock, but I'd rather go with the nice TTX44 shown above, it will run at speed all day long. Travel on the front end can be pushed up from the stock 8.1" to a nice 12". Roughly 2" more in compression travel, and 2" more go to droop. Next, we'll check out the rear set-up.


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The rear suspension will support 12" as it sits.
You using different tires?
I will likely use 26x9r12 all the way around.
For wheels I'm considering Hiper carbon fiber bead locked Sidewinders.

ATV - HiPer Racing Wheels
I was going a Google search for something Viking related, and came across a thread on the Grizzly site, where they where talking about the Viking, and i seen you replied, and gave a link to over here, but you gave them the wrong link, i think you gave, ours is
Ooops! I think you are right... thanks.
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