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Takin the viking on first trip Saturday

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Well gonna go on a nice ride saturday with the viking. We are goin to rush offroad park in rush Kentucky. Really lookin forward to puttin the viking through its paces. I run it through some pretty good stuff at home but ill be in the mountains Saturday. Should tell me what I wanna improve on more. Cant wait!! Will get pics and hopefully some video.

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That should be alot of fun, i wish i could take mine somewhere like that for sure.
Im hopin it is. Be able really see how it does on fuel to.

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Yea show us some video once you get back. i'd love to see how the Viking does out in the wild. I also don't really know what to expect from the landscape in Kentucky. Is it all flat there, or are there some hills and valleys for you to climb?
it sucks that for now we can't expect people to push their vikings too much since they are still in the break in process. Most are taking it easy
Kentucky is right smack in the Appalachian mountains. Theres plenty of mountains and hills and valleys. Im ablr ti push the viking more now. Break in complete and oil is freshly changed this morning. With the 27" xtrs my viking will only run 48mph top end. In need of a clutch kit.

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Sounds like fun. Just be sure to get us some videos :)
Absolutely will

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I got one video. How do I upload a video on here.

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i think you'll have to put it on Youtube first, then copy the Youtube link, and paste it in your thread.
yea man how was the trip, did the viking behave well :D
Thats what i wanna know too!!!
The viking behaved awesome!! So happy with how it did. There was some pretty nasty hills. I could have used some more power on a few of the long steep ones. Low range helped on the ones I had time to stop and put it in on. The ones I hit in high I used all of it. 20mph at most but with what they were thats to be expected. The rzr thst was with us had to put in low even on them to. I had it articulated out and teetering pretty good to. Took my boy out when I did that of course.

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Very nice
anything the viking outperformed the RZR on?
Carrying capacity. But the rzr is designed for what we were doin. Viking more dual purpose.

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Ok the video is on YouTube but dont know how to get it on here.

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When your viewing it on youtube, on the top of the page, copy the text in the address bar, then paste it in a reply.

Heres the link to the video guys.
Looked like fun for sure.
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