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Soon to Be....

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I am planning on buying the Viking in the next 6 months or so but for now I am in the research stage. Great to see a forum already established for the Viking!! looking forward to all the owners "real world" input and impressions....
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Welcome to the site
soon to be

Just curious, what brand of sleds do you ride?
guessing the time frame for you to have a sxs is around next spring or summer to do your dirty work right?

Have you looked in to anything else?
Brenan - I ride Yamaha sled of course..... 08 Vector LTX GT and I have 97 VMAX etc also.

At this point I would only buy the Viking or the Polaris 800 full size ranger
Id never recommend anyone buy Polaris, never..

With my experience with them. I dont want to go into the long story, but Go Yamaha.
welcome aboard sled head, those Rangers do tow more than small SUVs though...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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