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Snow Plow scraper blade

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I thought it best to start a new thread for this instead of keep posting it on “what did you do to your Viking today”.
I have been experimenting with ideas to keep the plow scraper from digging in an dumping gravel in my yard making a mess to clean up every spring.
my first attempts we’re adjusting the angle and height of the plow; this doesn’t do much to help.
Next I put a piece of PVC on the edge. This works great but after 3 plowing’s it is getting broken up and coming off.
Tonight I took a piece of horse stall mat and bolted it on like the PVC I had on. This should be much more durable and work as well I hope 🤞. Next time it snows I will find out and report back. Pictures of each below 👇
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Here is your solution....a power broom. Rental is most cost efficient for me, as I have about 500' of gravel lane. Cost is around $50 CND per for my Yankee friends, around $30.
As said earlier, shoe height doesn't help much. Only thing that can help is to pack it down for a few snowfalls, but as another comment says....thaw cycles screw that plan. Rent one of these....they work great. Raking gravel by manual means is for chumps!

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Now that’s a great idea

Had to look it up. Nice.
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