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Service Manual PDF

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Has anyone tried this download and just what model do we need? There is about nine different ones. I will give it a shot for $4.95 if I can figure out which is the right one.

Yamaha Rhino Service Manuals PDF Download
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I have run into this ordering parts before.....Got several conflicting comments from sales personnel....I hope someone here can decode this for us.
My purchase agreement says YXM700P but that's not a option in the service manual list. There is a YXM700PE and YXM700PHE.
Im almost positive there all the same, except for the model numbers ending in E, is for models with EPS, and from what i remember the letters are something to do with the color, not totally sure though, just something i remember from awhile back.
If all else fails, call up Yamaha Customer service, and ask, and they can tell you, thats what i did when i ordered a Yamaha manual book, and i asked them about the codes, and they told me what they meant.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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