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rollbar diameter?

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anyone know off hand the diameter of the roll bar. At work trying to order some clamps to make my windshield. Thanks
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I was wondering the same
I think a rhino is 1.75 but forgot to measure before I left the house.
I would like to know as well so I can get some clamps to mount on some accessories later on.
From what I measured the roll bar uprights are 6.25 circumference which comes to 2" pipe. The cross bars are smaller at 5" circumference which calculates to about 1.75 pipe.
I think its 1.50"
Main roll bar is 2", cross bars are 1.5".... that is measured with a caliper and rounded off very slightly.
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That is correct, its hard to find a rearview mirror for a 1.50" cage. Been looking for awhile, most are 1.75'
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