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For any of you guys that have the Rocktanes on your Viking. What pressure are you running? I have 28 inch all around and I love them. Just dropped down to 7 psi and it seems to have helped smooth out the ride on hard pack and gravel. Just wondering if anyone else has experimented with this. Thanks
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I have the 28's also. I have been running around 10 lbs.+ I have a leak in one of them and I am bringing it in for the 3rd time. It just doesn't want to hold air. They found the leak (I'm wondering if there is 2), and tried plugging the first time and patching the 2nd time. Possibly a second leak? I do love the tires! My wife said they look nice.........I told her, "They look badazz"!!

5/31/14 update. I am running about 8 lbs. in the tires now that I have had a chance to put some miles on them. I have had trouble with one tire holding air from day one. Tech said it is leaking air through the side walls. Looks like it's time for an inner tube.
I have 26-12 s and I run them between 6-12 psi depending on the terrain. They are a great tires, love the rim saver lip on the bead.
Im running 28 roctanes but they rub sometimes over bumps and makes an ugly noise. Anyone else have that?

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