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Please help

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So our 2018 Yamaha Viking 700cc 4x4 side by side rolled other night and had ocean water for bout 3 hours! has engine era 12 an esp come up on screen and smoked abit in around the fuses can anyone tell me what's going on? Please an thaaankyou
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Yeah it's farked....
So what did you do to clean it out, or did you just try running it?

Unfortunately since its salt water, the damage is gonna be extreme, how deep was the machine?
Fault 12 is crankshaft position sensor.
Luckily, our wiring connectors are mostly water proof, but full submerged, in salt water---oh boy
I would expect your rad fan to be pooched, I would also start just randomly spraying WD40 on everything and regrease it where you can.
Good Luck
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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