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Passenger seat belt won't retract

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Looking for a little help on a seat belt issue.

Upon finishing our ride today, my wife noticed that her seat belt (the passenger side) would not retract.

After spending about an hour trying various solutions, I gave up and decided to turn to the experts in this forum.

Thanks in advance.
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Probably not much that you can do other than replace it. They most likely aren't made that well and spend their life out in the elements.
I have never looked at it that close to see if you can even take them apart, but sounds like you probably did that already. So Cactus is probably right.
All of mine do the same thing. I just chalked it up at they were made poorly.
Spray some lube in there and see what happens.
Thanks to everyone.

It goes to Yamaha tomorrow for verification of a warranty replacement.

Other than that issue, it's been an awesome and better than anticipated purchase.
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I'm not sure what year your machine is, but I replaced all of my seatbelts with 2019 seatbelts. The newer ones work MUCH better.
2022 ranch edition.

Warranty replacement on the way.
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