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Offset worries!?

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Guys, I just scored....maybe. Found a near brand new set of 29.5x12x12 Outlaws mounted to ITP Beadlocks for $800! Here's where it might get tricky, the guy had them on his 700 Grizzly. I know the bolt pattern is the same but I'm wondering about offset? What do you guys think? The tires and wheels are 3 hours from me so it's not like I can go and try them on first and the guy can't remember what the offset is. I just want to do some homework before I hand over the cash.

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I know the offset is very similar. The offset of my itp wheels on my viking are 5+2 in the front and 4+3 in the rear, I know a lot of guys are running 5+2 all the way around. find out what year his grizzly is and look up the offset, I'm guessing they will work
Do you have a pic of them?
Yea I have a couple of pics. But I can't get them on here?? I can text them to somebody to post.
Text them to me
Sent them to ya aronsrb. Thanks.

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Thanks man. What do you guys think?
They look like 5+2 to me, I am 99% sure they will be just fine, Make sure they will clean up though because you don't want your new machine to have some crusty looking wheels. And going that big you will definitely have to do some clutching mods. Or you will have some big time power loss
Thanks again. I figure for the price I'm paying I could put some elbow grease into them and paint the locks Yamaha blue. He says they're not as bad as they show in the pics. As far as the clutching goes, I'll be calling Todd in the morning and putting my order in. Oh ya, and a lift too from Super ATV.
Your welcome
I would still try to beat him up on price, $800 sounds like a lot for used wheels and tires. And if you make him an offer the worst he can say is no
He had em advertised for $1000 and sent me a copy of the receipt for $2800. I got a couple of quotes from a few local places and the cheapest was $285/tire. That's what happens when the Canadian loonie drops I guess.
I didn't realize those were that expensive, I hope everything works out and hope to see pics of them on your viking
A buddy of mine will be picking them up on Friday. Downside is Super ATV and Strongmade don't have any lift kits in stock. I called Highlifter as well as Catvos and they're both working on one right now but don't know what time frame it'll be ready to the public. Any other kits out there yet?
I talked the the mechanic at the dealer about lifts awhile back, he said Catvos was the best, expensive, but was worth it, he said the way they make there's it doesn't put stress on any of the parts.
I agree with his but they are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought my SuperAtv lift from Moto Recyclers cuz nobody else had em in stock. Had the lift at my house and installed 3 days after ordering!! Check em out online. They still have 10 available on Ebay as well.
Thanks Flying51! I see that and will call them in the morning. I'd order off ebay but my patience and enthusiasm won't wait that long. I'll see if they can ship it express to Canada.
Idk if you would consider gorilla silver backs but I bought a set of 30inch skinnys for my fourwheeler directly from the warehouse online and to the door shipped was 630$ something and I liked them over the outlaws imo

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