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New wheels And tires!!!

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Got my wheels And tires on today!!! 27" mudlite xtrs with ss212 wheels. I love it.
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As i said, on the Rhino forum, it just makes the Viking look so much better with a nice set of tires and wheels, wow.
SWEET! looks much better! See ya picked up a passenger as well. Let us know how you like the tires I've been looking at them myself.
Looks great!! How did the bigger tires affect the power? I am looking at getting a Viking soon.
i should get my lug nuts in tomorrow morning by mail, and i'll get my new Tires and wheels on. I got 14x7 Wheels and 28" Bighorn 2.0'S, I really like the 2.0s and there light weight. They weigh less than 5 punds more than the stockers. Cant wait to get them on.
Got my wheels And tires on today!!! 27" mudlite xtrs with ss212 wheels. I love it.
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Great to see the Viking with some proper wheels and tires on there. It looks so much meaner with them on. Kudos to the kid siting in the Viking in the picture too. I'm sure he will have some fun times riding in the Viking.
I love it! I could tell a difference in power with those big mudlites but they Work so well! I had it stuck twice yesterday. Ive had it on my Side door with left wheel way up in the air lol. It climbs awesome! The little fella in the pic is my boy. I got the viking for him And I to enjoy. He doesnt like the box on the back Of sportsman. I feel much safer with the cage around him to. I Will say a clutch kit is needed for the riding I do.

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I had the same tires(but smaller) on a King Quad and REALLY liked them. Was going to put them on my Viking too but either read or someone told me that the XTR's weren't rated for a sxs. Do you know anything about this? Have you had good luck with them so far?
I read they where always a good option for a sxs
Guess I got some bad information somewhere. Good to know they will hold up. Great tires in mud and smooth riding too.
Ya ive had good luck with them. 305 miles on em so far. They squat when I articulate it out but they hook so well it hurt my front diff.
I believe I have a locker issue. It will make a nasty screeching noise and stop turning. Gonna take in this week for warranty.
When you say you noticed a difference in the performance from the bigger tires, can you explain a bit more? I am looking at 27's as well, mostly for the look, but I don't want to lose too much power, as I will be pulling a trailer loaded with wood from time to time. How was overall speed affected as well? By speed I guess I really mean speed of acceleration, not top speed. And your rig looks great!!!
It still has plenty of power. I just noticed some acceleration loss. It will still pull a trailer fine in low range. I use low range if im gonna be doin some hill climbs or pullin somethin. I drug a log up a hill that was rougly 10' long and 30" round no problem. Id say go for it. Its well worth it.
And thanks for compliment. I appreciate it.
Ive got 28s on mine, and didnt notice anything major, all depends on the weight of the tires too.
If your looking for a good trail/mud tire, i hear the maxxis Zillas are good, and light weight.
What i've discovered is wheels are super cheap, tires are super high. Oh well, gotta have a set. Need to do it before summer time when the wife will start riding in it some. She'll never know they arent the original equipment. LOL

Missouri has a new law that allows a UTV owner to ride them on the roadway within 3 miles of your primary residence. Any idea which tires would be good for some blacktop use??? I've seen what they can do to some ATV tires, they don't last long.
I'm from Missouri too. Can you provide a reference to this new law?
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