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To complement our SIRIUS PROFESSIONAL line of lights, we are now introducing our SIRIUS Standard Series for those looking for a very low cost solution that still has best in class performance when compared to the Totron's and other generic EBAY lights out there.

They are only available through our website at the moment:

Product Visual effect lighting

Text Font Line Number

But you can see that prices start as low as $79.99 for our 6" bars and go up to $269.99 for our 50" bars. This INCLUDES shipping and a nice electrical harness. And you can even get 5% off using FORUM5 as a discount code on the final page of checkout.

They are IP68 rated, so they are of high quality too!

We are excited to have them. Prices are likely going up later this month, so get them now. PM me with any questions. Thanks!
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