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New from Utah

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I haven't pulled the trigger yet on the Viking yet but very close. I look forward to reading about other member's experiences.
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Hey there, welcome to the site!!!
Welcome to the forum! The forum is filling up with owners and prospective buyers. Plenty of info on here to help you make your decision.
Welcome utahviking!
What are ya waiting for?!

What else are you looking at buying?
Welcome to the forum.

What's holding you back from getting the Viking?
Feel free to ask anything about it, we're a friendly bunch here.
Have you looked at any other sxs that compete with the viking yet?

Welcome aboard ;)
welcome aboard! dont fret to ask around, the community is real friendly and real knowledgeable!
Have you looked at any other sxs that compete with the viking yet?

Welcome aboard ;)
I know some guys have been checking out the Honda Pioneer, seems like a great SxS for what it is.
Thanks for the Welcome guys.

My new shed will be here on the 22nd, which will clear out the space in the garage for the UTV. I am 90% sure that I will get the Viking, but the Pioneer 700-4 has 10% of my attention for the convert to 4 seat capability.

Most of the time it will just be me and my two daughters, but my wife is going to want to go occasionally. The wife isn't the outdoors rough it type.

In fact I have a buddy that has the Pioneer and loves it. I have another buddy that has a Can Am and loves it as well. We beat the **** out of the Can Am 2 weeks ago on the deer hunt and it got us into and out of places I didn't think we were going to get into or out of. Although twice the steering wheel smacked his thumb in ruts, as it doesn't have EPS.

My buddies Pioneer did well for him on his deer hunt, he didn't take it anywhere extreme but when I asked him how the down hill engine breaking was, he wished it had more in that dept.

I am not in a big hurry but it would be nice to have with a plow this winter. Reliability miles from the truck are what draws me to the Yamaha, and to a lesser extent to the Honda.
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Its just something small, but when i first got one i thought that the big plastic piece to the left of the driver, and the right of the passenger, would chafe and bother. But it hasnt yet and at the end of a big ride it is so nice to lean against. And the power steering is wonderful.
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