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Never leave home without it

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Three things I never leave home without when hitting the trail, all will be stored promptly in one of my Vikings multiple storage holes :D

1. C02 Tire Repair Kit
Many C02 tire repair kits have two or three cartridges for re-inflating tires once they're plugged, as well as tire plugs/patches and the tools needed to make the repair all. Flats always happens when you least expect, so I always store one of these kits at all times.

2. Small Section of Rope or Strap
A small section of good rope can be very useful in an emergency. Ropes or straps can be used to tie up broken suspension components or even using the rope to hold the wheel straight (in the event of broken bones) as you make it back.

3. First Aid Kit
Fixing your rig is important, but having a tool kit for people is even more important. Accidents do happen, and if you ride long enough, you or someone you know will need first aid. In my kit I make sure to have remedies for cuts, sprains, and eye injuries.

All of this is in addition to the stock tool kit, anything else you guys usually bring just in case?
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I always carry around some bungee cords with me. They are great for securing things to transport them. And other than that a flashlight is great, but does that come in the stock tool kit?
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