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Hopefully this helps some of our newer Viking owners as you build out your machine. I'm a cheap bastard in some ways so I did this for very little cost. I use my Viking for a little bit of work and a little bit of play. I used to have a 2016 Wolverine R-Spec and it had a much smaller bed that didn't dump (a real PITA!). I moved most of my gear over from that machine and played around a while to make it work for me. Here's what I came up with. Cooler on driver's side for convenient access. Spare tire shifted toward driver's side for better back-up visibility. Saw behind driver's seat for better protection from tree limbs and trail obstacles. I still have a little room for other cargo with this set-up. My cargo box lid opens nearly all the way and gently bumps the Yamaha soft back window (not currently installed) but hasn't caused any issues. If I have to do some work that requires hauling more, I have a YuTrax trailer that I pull behind my Grizzly.

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My Contico storage box was under $50. My saw mount is a piece of black plastic sewer pipe from Menards ~ $7, an oven and some time. My fancy cooler came from a friend that manufactures for Yeti. My spare tire mount is a ratchet strap with a 4x6 block of wood for a spacer to protect my back window (not currently installed) from tire rub. It also serves as a jack block for my RMATV scissor jack if I need to change a flat. I installed a few Harbor Freight d-rings and picked up some short turn buckles to anchor everything. Works like a champ and cost me about a 12-pack of beer. Although, the dreaming, scheming, and mounting probably took about a case. 😁

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I use a bungee to secure the saw when riding.

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I mounted the d-rings with a backing plate to reduce strain on the bed and keep the tire from jiggling.

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The saw mount is mounted with 1/4" bolts with fender washers. It's actually pretty stable and works great.

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I did cut some holes in the bed mat for the d-rings to come through. It's pretty easy to remove if I need to wash the bed. Someday when I find a set of Yamaha blue ratchet straps I'll get make them match cuz I'm like that.
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