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Mini Snow Cat

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Set a bunch of cross country ski trails with the Viking today. Works great for pulling the track setter in deep snow.


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Nice pic! I'll have to share that one with my father, he's a big x-country skier.
Where did you order the tracks too? I didn't think anyone made a kit yet.
Those are the best from what ive heard and seen on Dirt Trax TV.
I must say, the Viking looks pretty cool with panzer tracks:D,
that looks sweet.

definitely need a video of it in action.

always wanted tracks for winter.

you install it yourself?
what was install like? +100 to video, yeyyeyyyyy

are they just generic tracks that bolt up simple or was there some finagling involved?
Any video's of this beast in action? Any more pictures?
More interested in the video's :D

Here is a link to a short video of driving through muskeg and 20 inches of snow.

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Thanks for the Vid, thats a cool setup.
I really like your viking. those tracks are so awesome on it. does it pull good still with them.
Yeah, let us know what kinda setup you have there, that what this site is all about, helping members out!!!
Viking Setup

I have a 2014 Red EPS Viking
Camoplast Solidiel UTV 4S Track Kit
Yamaha Viking Track Mounting Kit (17 tooth drive sprocket)
Warn 72 inch Snow Plow mounted on a 2 inch front receiver
Super Winch 3500LB winch

Future Gear:

LED Running Lights
Side mount mirror
Full Shatter Proof Windshield
Portable winch that will mount on Roll Bars for loading game

Machine Pulls Great it has pulled a 1 ton van out of deep snow. With the track system the gearing is super low and the traction is unbelievable. I pulled a skimmer sled with 3 adults and also had 3 in the cab and one in the box up a 35% grade without even spinning while tobogganing.
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Great info, thanks
too cool, thanks for the vid! whats top end like?
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