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Maxxis Zilla?

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I have an '08 Grizzly 700 with Maxxis Zilla's and rims. The sizes are 27x9x12 and 27x11x12. I would like to swap these with the stock tires on the Viking. Does anyone know if this will work? I will not be purchasing my Viking for another 2 weeks and would rather sink the extra money into a winch.:confused:
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Yep..just put 27-9-12 and 27-12-12 on mine...wheel bolt pattern should be the same as well...4/110, very common for the bigger yamahas
I've got 28s, so yep
Ive heard alot of good things on the Zilla, light weight, being the best thing ive heard about them. I just dont know how they ride driving around slow, and how they ride on Blacktop "Pavement" going slow, and how long they last, or wear. They look cool though, If i could find out that stuff, i may get some for my Outlander.
This may not pertain here but, I had two 2007 700 grizzlys and the year of the wheel made a difference. I had older grizzly wheels 4/110 bolt and they appeared the same however; they were not the same dish. Maybe offset? the older wheel touched the brake caliper. In the end I used 1 inch spacers so the older wheel would work. Had them on hand (wheels) 'cause of damage to the oem wheel. Could not tell the difference by looking.
Just sayin'
Zillas are good tires all round in my opinion. I ran em on my Griz 700 and RZR S. They are light, and pull great. BUT, they throw rocks like crazy! As in if your ridin down a gravel road you will be hearin nonstop clangs and pings from your undercarriage getting beat with rocks. As I said, that is their only drawback, but it was enough to make me change tires on the Viking. Oh, and the fact that they run so small in true size.
Thanks for all the advice. They have been awesome on the grizzly. I've got about 600 miles on mine and they show very little wear. All my riding is on gravel roads and sandy trails. As far as throwing rocks....they are excellent at doing this!! Never thought about that part and it is something to really consider.
Yea they do throw em good! When I had em on my Griz I had to ride in the back of the group cuz nobody wanted to be getting blasted by rocks!
I kept my 14" ITP's from my rhino, bolt pattern ok but had to get bigger lug nuts, forget size but called ITP and they sent them, don't quote me but I think they also fit the Kawasaki's
Viking uses 12mm x 1.25 i believe
I remember because when i ordered my tire & package from Rocky Mtn ATV, they said 10mm would work, maybe thats what the Rhino used? But anyways, i had to call them and they sent me a box of the 12mm.
Post up some photos when you get them on.
x2 let see some photos :D
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