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Don't overtax your UTV's charging system with halogen driving/flood lights that suck amperage! LED lights have minuscule amperage draw yet output a remarkable amount of lumens. (For example, my Rigid 10" LED light bar draws just 2.6 amps!)

From now until 6/30, we'll be doing special pricing for forum members on Rigid's SR-Series and E-Series LED light bars from 6" to the whopping 50" sizes, Dually 2X2 and D2 squares (which, btw, fit perfect in F350 SuperDuty foglight cutouts), and SR-M, SR-M2, SR-Q, and SR-Q2 light kits.

Rigid is the top of the market in the LED lighting industry, with unmatched quality of construction and light output efficiency, while maintaining a minimal amperage load on your Viking's charging system. Also, while I've seen several manufacturers of LED lights make you buy wiring harnesses and switches separately, Rigid includes wiring harness and switch with each kit.

Check out Rigid's torture test video:

And for those of you who think you NEED a 30-40" light bar...keep in mind that a 10" Rigid light bar puts out a whole lot of light, and if that truly isn't enough for you, the 20" unit is all you'd likely ever need. If you have the $$ for the bigger ones, great. I'm happy to sell them to you...but understand that the smaller ones DO get the job done for UTV purposes...

Check out this test I posted on YouTube with the 10" Rigid SR combo on my Viking:

So take a look at our website's LIGHTING section here...

Then shoot me a PM or email to inquire about your special member sale price. We'll take good care of you. Bottom line...I believe in the product line...and I think you'll become a believer in it too...
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