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Hatfield McCoy Trail

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Just wanted to invite ALL Viking members to the Hatfield McCoy Octoberfest here in Gilbert WV. Hatfield & McCoy ATV & UTV Trails - ATV Trail Riding Trails Heaven
Hatfield & McCoy ATV & UTV Trails - ATV Trail Riding Trails Heaven
I just got back from riding my new Viking on the trail today. I have to say it was a blast and loved every minute of it. There was a couple of places that the width of the Viking was a slight issue but nothing to be concerned with. I went over 100 miles today :) I must say I am very impressed with my Viking. When purchasing my unit I was focusing on the fact that my small 3 person family could ride on the machine. I knew going into the purchase it wasn't going to be the fastest or the sportest out of the class but for what the Viking is, I think Yamaha hit a home run. Next step for me as a owner is getting an aftermarket company to hook me up with a speed limiter bypass. I know for a fact the Viking has 55-59mph in it easy.
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Awesome! Sounds like you had a kick ass time!!
Wish i could, be nice to live in that area.

Glad to hear you like your Viking!!!
Awesome glad you had a great ride. Hatfield is def a beautiful trail system.
Yup, the Hatfield McCoy Trail system is awesome, here is Gilbert we ride the Rockhouse trail. Octoberfest is this weekend and pretty much the towns of Man and Gilbert are shut down. Mud pits, parades, drag racing, pretty much anything ATV. We rode the trails with a bunch from Saint Louis Missouri, lol my brother in law and I was their guides on the trials.
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