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Greetings from the Yukon

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Put a deposit on my EPS Blue Viking in Sept, then spent two months waiting for accessories. I know, same story, different place... So my Viking sat at the dealer.

So 3 weeks ago my dealer finally got the plow mount and winch mount in. Not everything I ordered, but the two things that I absolutely needed for my driveway so I went and picked it up as the snow was definitely starting to fill the driveway. Thursday my dealer called, my roof and windshield had finally arrived, which was welcome news as plowing at -20C was getting old fast.

So all accessories ordered have arrived and have been installed, not a lot of miles on it yet, but it plows like a beast, a good beast...


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wOW, that color looks great in the snow!!! Awesome ride ya got there, welcome to the site!!!!! Got any questions, feel free to ask.
Yall are insane dont you know its cold up there
Well rockinjmk you would probably get a lot of people to agree with you. But living in a place that is 70% the size of Texas, but only has a population of around 31000 people it does have a lot going for it.

I grew up fishing on lakes where you wouldn't see another person all day. Hunting is often the same. Generally you are more concerned about safety because there are so few people in the same area as you. Rush hour is 15 minutes, and yes we still complain about it. Playing golf, kayaking, and doing the honey do list at midnight in June and still having daylight to it has an unique thrill to it.

Now 10 days ago when I was up working in Dawson City at -46C it did wear a bit thin.


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Boy it looks cold up there! And I complain when it is around 0 degrees out.:), which it has not been that low here yet.
I complain about 30's...
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