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Got an email from my dealer about my Viking :)

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Got this from the owner of my Yamaha Dealer:

Hi Joe,
I just got of the phone with the Yamaha Warehouse. They are releasing your Viking today. They are currently arranging logistics and your unit should arrive within the next 7 days. When the truck arrives I will take a bunch of pictures of it coming out of the truck and being assembled.
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Awesome, Congrads!!
The owner of my dealer is Awesome. He says I get all the Viking promo items, Posters, banners, etc when the 2015's come out.
That sounds like a great dealer, my dealer didnt even bother to call me when they got it the day before..I just happened to call and say, did any Vikings come in yet? yeah, one came in yesterday...and they never knew anything when i called about when it would arrive, etc. But I like the people there, and ive used them before in the past when i got a 2002 Big Bear 400 there years ago. There nice folks and the service is good. So cant complain to much.
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That is one awesome dealer.
Which dealer is this?

What are your plans for modifications?
sweet. congrats. throw up some photos when you get it.
Cool that he is going to take all these pictures of your Viking arriving. Can't wait to see those photos posted. What exactly are you getting extra with your Viking?
I'm assuming you guys have an excellent relationships, how much money have you given him over the years ;)

Anyways congrats, more like let the MADNESS begin LOLL
Did you get a 2014 or 2015? When will the 2015 start rolling out?

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His is a 2014, this post is from 11/2013. The 15 VI models are already hittin showrooms, haven't heard anything on the 2015 3 seat Viking.
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