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First trip out with the Viking review

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So I finally got to get out and hit the trails with the Viking yesterday. First let me explain the trail that I was on. It was in southwestern Wisconsin. Its a very easy trail as it was an old railroad bed. The trail takes you through deep wooded trail.
The Viking performed fantastic. Ive probably put over a 1000 miles on in the past 4 years ago on various ATV's. The trail is fairly high speed, 25-35 miles per hours in many spots. Sometimes it gets pretty bumpy and on most Atv there are sections that get so bad you have to get on the brakes hard or stand up and use your legs as a shock absorber otherwise you will have one of those back breaking moments. The Viking really surprised me over that stuff. I had my wife and son with me and all of us were impressed that no matter how hard I hit that stuff the Viking just seemed to take it. I think the longer wheelbase really helped in that situation.
I had about 40 miles on the Viking before the trip and I put an additional 71 miles on it that day. Obviously it is not broken in yet so these numbers will increase but the Viking got about 21 MPG loaded with me, wife, son, spare fuel, cooler, and some other misc gear. I was very impressed by that. My 700 Grizzly usually only gets about 18.
The trail is a very dusty one. I have a full vented windshield with the Yamaha plastic back window and there was only a very mimimal amount of dust that came in the cab.
It was a cooler (45 degree) very windy day. I did not have my cab enclosure on but I did have my motoalliance heater going. I have to say, that heater blew hot air the entire time. It kept our legs and feet fairly warm. I can only imagine that if I had the enclosure on it would have been really nice in there but the 20-30 mph wind gusts were overwhelming.
The other thing that truly impressed me was the 12 inch Totron LED light bar that I installed. Holy crap does that thing light up the trail nice. That was some of the best money that I have spent on accessories for the Viking.
Overall the Viking was fantastic. Yes, it was a bit loud but we all know now that there are multiple things that we can do to shut these things up. Im very happy with the decision that I made to go with the Viking and look forward to putting many many miles on it.
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Great review!!!
No problem, the viking a fun machime
Well done Nytro! Glad to hear you like the purchase.

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Glad you got it out for a ride! I'm definitely thinking light bar as my next upgrade.

We need pics!
Nice write up!

Good call on the heater right ;)
I don't know why I always have such a hard time posting pics on here? I have a few pics to share but don't know how to get them into this thread.
What are the issues you are running into when trying to post a pic?
Well within this thread what do I click on to post a pic?
I do quick reply, Go Advanced, Manage attachments, and then choose from existing files.
BUT mine always come up as thumbnails and Im not sure why!
Taking a break at a "rest area" on the trail


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Thanks Schroeder! It worked.
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