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Hey Viking Gang,
Well our spring cleaning continues! We sold through about 35 plows this past week that were scratch and dent, and several went to you guys on the VIKING forum. Thank you.

Two weeks ago we met with our partner in France about new cab heater options. He brought some prototypes along -- one electric, one that ties into the radiator system like our current heater.

Either of these are available. Here are details:

PROTOTYPE HEATER #1: Electric Model

Electronic device Technology Electronic instrument

$59.99 with FREE SHIPPING. Just need to supply your own wiring to connect to battery and off you go.


Auto part

$79.99 with FREE SHIPPING. This central core has four front vents. It also comes with two defrost louvers. You would have to fab your own mounting bracket and decides what hoses and Y's you need (which we sell if necessary). So this is a "DIY" kind of kit, but the central box is top notch.

If you want one, PM me with contact information. Thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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