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Dunes or sand anyone?

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Hey all. I live here in oregon. My main riding is at the Oregon dunes with some woods trail riding. It's mostly recreation though. Anyways, has anyone had the viking out on the dunes or sand yet? I really am curious how it does out there as I am shopping for a side by side right now. Thanks!
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don't see why it wouldn't do well.

get some good tires. the 4x4 will do just fine. there is enough power to get around efficiently.
There's a couple vids on Youtube of somebody with a Viking at some Dunes, one of the videos is doing a jump over a dune
Do you have urls? I've looked all over and haven't found one.
Here ya go

Air time @ 5 second mark...SWEET!

it must have felt nice getting in some air time, good to see you're putting the Viking to work!
The big glow stick antenna is pretty cool too. I have no idea where I would find somewhere to do something like this with the Viking, but it looks like fun if you are close to a amenable location.

Definitely better vehicles if you want the absolute best results, but the Viking can handle it. Aren't there vehicles made specifically for driving through sand dunes?
I was wondering what that thing was looked like a huge freakin..... lol I personally would be caaught dead with that thing. Hopefully he had a good reason for it.
wish i had a place to ride like that aswell, just plain flat dust roads around here. Id love to love somewhere with Mountain views, and up hills and down hills, be alot of fun. All i got is ugly pine trees.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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