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Door Latch Problem

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Have any of you had the latch assembly break on the door. I closed the door the other day when it was -10 and it broke. I think the rubber grommet that the latch comes up against had no flex due to cold and the cheap pot metal broke. Just wondering if anybody has had door problems. How much to get it fixed?
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No problems here first I've heard of it

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I think the main problem you had was you were out when it was -10, thank goodness Im in Texas
Not sure , doors are a pain for some to close.
I think the main problem you had was you were out when it was -10, thank goodness Im in Texas was almost 90 the other day here...
To shut mine, i just put my hand on the outside handle, hold it open, and close the door and let go of the handle, and locks, i used to slam it, its much easer this way.
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truck was reading 88 when I was running around town yet this weekend its going to be 26, luckily I have a heater in my blind. Suppose to rain pretty good so guess we will see how the viking handles the mud.
I think the main problem you had was you were out when it was -10, thank goodness Im in Texas
Yeap....Heck I have stuff breaking off me at -10:D
I had the same thing happen to me - it was 20 below up here in northern North Dakota for over two weeks. My dealer (T's Team Yamaha, highly recommended) ordered me a new latch, but the **** thing is back ordered. He also mentioned that someone else had the same thing happen. I guess I should always open the latch and gently close the door. That kind of cold is really hard on equipment. Really wondering when I will be able to close my door again.....
I never slam the doors, they close just as good holding the handle out while you gently close the door
The first thing I did after unloading it off the trailer! was take the doors off!! The second was to peel off the stickers!!!
Let's see a pic of it without the doors
I never close mine the spring hold them in good enough
My latch broke on mine the other day also. The dealer ordered me a new one got it in two weeks. He told me not to let it slam shut but if they didn't want it to slams shut they shouldn't put it spring loaded.

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I will take pic. with doors off, when I get back to the farm this weekend. When hunting , getting in and out with all the gear on is a pain. bow, shotgun, muddy boots, dog, But when hunting season is over I might put them back on?
I dont blame ya, i hate doors too, i like just getting in and out, like my 2010 Ranger was.
My dealer yesterday told me they are seeing alot of latches break and they expect to see an updated parted

When I unloaded my Viking at home for the first time the first thing I did was lube the door latches and hinges with tri-flow. My doors work great, I just push to close them.:confused:
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