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Dirt Trax Got One! Part 1

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I watched it, pretty good stuff, love that show
Awesome cant wait to watch it on the computer. They are awesome. Not biased like some are.
I was wondering the same thing, i noticed it had the camo soft top on it.
This video is really great. Good find. I like that it gives a history of the entire UTV industry for the last decade and gives plenty of info on the Viking all in a 5 minute video.

It brings attention to the middle third seat as a selling feature, but I know that the Pioneer has 4 seats with the back two stowable so that it is more versatile. I think that is the biggest competition that the Viking has.
I cant wait for their full review video
same here, ive always got my DVR set to record Dirt Trax Tv and Fishers ATV World. I like Dirt Trax much better, because they do reviews, etc. Fishers doesnt really do reviews and such, just goes riding at diffrent offroad parks.
Pioneer vs Viking, the Pioneer is more versatile, but whether one is better than the other will greatly depend on what your needs are
The Pioneer has 2 models. One with just 2 seats, or one w/ additional fold down seats in the rear.

The engine braking and power of the Viking is way better than the pioneer. Alot of the power on the Pioneer is sucked up by the transmission, just like on the Honda Rincon. And no low gear position.
good watch and good find. thanks for posting
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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