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DENALI Scratch and Dent Plow Sale -- As low as $279.99 for a Complete System!

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We finished our full inventory after a very busy plow season in which we sold nearly 1600 plows. Thank you for your support.

We do have a number of scratch and dent models available. These tend to go quick. Here are the details:

1. All are BRAND NEW.

2. We do not have pictures of them as they are all packed and ready to go. Too hard on the shop to organize all that.

3. Scratches and dents tend to be quite minor. We tell people they'll look as they would look after a season of plowing.

4. They have our full warranty.

5. They tend to go REALLY fast when we offer them. And quantities are limited. We are advertising on all off-road boards.

6. These are COMPLETE systems so prices below include push tube, mount, blade, and all shipping charges.

So here's what we have available at the moment:

1. (2) 66" DENALI Standard Systems for $279.99. (MSRP of $539.99)
2. (2) 72" DENALI Standard Systems for $299.99. (MSRP of $579.99)

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If you want one, please send me a PM with your name, phone, and email and we'll get it set up. Thanks!


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You should snap these up. Mine scratch n dent was a steal at 399! I wish I had some extra cash. I'd buy a couple more and sell them in the winter.

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All 4 are gone!

We have some pro systems we will list tonight. They will be more expensive. Thanks for the orders!
And by tonight I mean right now!

Here's what we have available at the moment:

1. (1) 72" Red DENALI PRO System for $399.99. (MSRP of $799.99)
2. (5) 72" Yellow DENALI PRO Systems for $399.99. (MSRP of $799.99)
3. (8) 72" Black DENALI PRO Systems for $399.99. (MSRP of $799.99)
Pm sent. I will take a black one if these are available.
Got a message they are holding a black one for me till they are in tommorow....hate to spend the money in june but its a great deal...especailly for the pro series
I sent a pm, I'd like to get one. Thanks.
Thanks for all the orders guys. Crazy response. I think we sold 10-12 plows or more today. There are a few left. We'll reboot in the morning and let you know what's available. Thanks again. Nice win/win created here.
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I sent a pm yesterday afternoon for a pro plow and never heard if I could get one or not. Sent email name and phone number. Let me know if any are left. Thanks
I sent one last night for the pro system as well and haven't heard anything either. Please let me know as well if any are left. Thanks.

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I sent a pm this morning. id like to have one too. havnt gotten a response yet either. maybe theyr sold out already???

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Not sure if you guys notice this, but on the front suspension, there looks to be another hole to move shock into which I think will provide even more spring compression for when you are using your plows. Take a look and you will see what I mean.
Didn't see your PM Casparis......we've sold a ton, but we do have a couple PRO systems left. Are you available to give us a shout in the next couple hours?

1. All RED are sold out.
2. We have (3) YELLOW PRO systems left for $399.99
3. We have (3) BLACK PRO systems left for $399.99

PM me if you want one. Include contact info. Thanks!
Pm sent.
I will take.a pro plow in black.
Let me know if you got my pm.

Thanks Toby
Just too good to pass up even with Alaska shipping prices. Thanks a bunch.
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