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Custom Steering Wheels

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Yamaha use to offer a custom steering wheel for the Rhinos. Has anyone heard if they will be offering one for the Viking. I asked my dealer and got a stair in the headlights look.:confused:
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They show the rhino one for the viking in the yamaha website I beleive its mounted the same and only 52 bucks
Whats the point of a custom steering wheel? It just doesn't seem to me that it offers much new or more than what the Viking comes with standard.

What exactly are you looking for in a new custom steering wheel?
Something thats nicer then what is on it. More comfortable. The ones that are currently offered from the Rhinos are not the ones that I was referring to.

I have a pic of one, but it is too big to upload..
You can get those in diffrent colors, including Red.
Similar to that, but you can get chrome accents for the middle. The wheels were going for 150 on the site at one point.
custom steering wheel in these would be sweet.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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