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tried multiple avenues. seems to be easiest is the bubble pack frs radios from wally world. problem is hard to hear and my son has to wear a helmet. I hate having the ear wig in while riding. I really like the CB that i have in my truck, but not everyone has that.

found a kenwood uhf radio that is programmed for frs frequencies. might be able to get it loud enough with external speaker that I wont need headphones. if not headphones aren't' too bad, will like having a real mic instead of the one that would never stay in front of my mouth to actually operate it one handed.

The motorcycle helmet headsets work well as long as my 10 year old remembers to unplug it from his radio before he takes the helmet off. he has pulled the wires out of 2 sets now. Even with the frustration of that, it is more convenient to have the communication, especially when I can warn him of obstacles or oncoming traffic.

will post pics soon. radio just arrived and will be roof mounting it this week. I just wanted to see other people's options.
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