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Trying to get the viking setup for snow plowing this winter. Not sure how a wiper would hold up on a poly or lexan windshield. Always had glass on my tractor cabs.

Defender makes a complete cab with glass for $2500, but don't have that kind of cash right now. Maybe next winter.

I see a few with glass windshields with metal frame. Would like to know a source for those.


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Check back with these guys. They sent me this in January. Also Armor Tech should have theirs out soon.

Thanks for your interest.
The Yamaha Viking cab kit is not yet available in the US. Our factory in Europe is starting production now and I expect to have some by March.
The back panel is made of 2x hardcoated and UV treated polycarbonate, and the front windshield is tempered and laminated safety glass. The front windshield also has a gas spring assist tip-out function.

Pricing (not including shipping and handling):

Front tip out windshield $1175.00
Rear Panel $ 425.00

Electric Wiper/Washer $ 415.00

Best regards,

Mike Kelly
General Manager
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