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Sport: I have some threads here about my old Soft Enclosure but in short:

  • I bought mine from here: Side X Side Enclosures Utv Cab Enclosures for Yamaha Polaris Kawasaki
  • It was very well made and was about $400
  • Their customer support is excellent
  • The only real negative is that if you do not take the time to ensure there is some slack where the doors zip in, the zippers will eventually break. You cannot have the door zippers under tension. Part of getting it right is to make sure the enclosure is between the back plastic sound barrier and the frame and that it is nice and straight and perfectly even left to right, even if you need to cut some of the wire ties.
  • The only Velcro I attached to the Viking was to the windshield. In the other areas I actually used plastic Yamaha push fasteners to hold it on in various spots. Only the pushpins went through the enclosure. The female part stayed in place on the body. When you take it off in the spring just put the push fasteners back in the holes.
  • I had to move my windshield mounting lugs out of the way so the doors would mount properly on the front of the roll cage. Not a big deal though and it was because my windshield was an old version.
  • Your windshield will fog up which is why I installed a heater with a movable vent on the top of thee dashboard. I expect one of those 12V car heaters will do the trick of keeping it defrosted.
  • I would buy another one
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