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best Yamaha Viking photo in the world

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Whose Viking is this? LOL!

Found it on google. EPIC!
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I wish it was mine... I like the accessories.. id pay extra for em!!!! LOL
wish it was mine to, dang those accessories are better than any of mine..
Now thats 4 very welcome accessories. May just have to see if I can find my own to install lol.
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That looks like a fun outing on the Viking. They are at the top of a mountain too.

When I saw the title of the thread I was like, "i'll be the judge of that!" Once I saw it I was like, "yea, that makes sense."
now that is the best photo of the viking on the net!
I can see a couple of ways for this to be an even better Viking photo.....

Arm placement on those accessories comes to mind.....
true, i see what your saying
It must be a really good camo job because I still havent seen a viking
It must be a really good camo job because I still havent seen a viking

seriously though its gotta be someones Viking online! Gotta see the rest of the photoshoot!
A Viking with airbags, thats a first
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I think I saw the HEADLIGHTS lol.
Me too, really nice set of high beams ;)
Do those come in different sizes?
I just want this thread to stay on top so when i check back in its readily
lol , you guys are a bunch of pervs, there was a viking in the photo, right????
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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