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Hi M&J, no you're stats on the dashboard don't look good at all, 0 MPH, low fuel, low miles, you obviously need to try harder不不不 Seriously though, you have 14.1 volts with the engine running, which won't give you any indication of battery condition. Park the Viking overnight and in the morning turn the key to start and then tell us what the volts are.

A couple of things, if a lead acid start battery is charged regularly it will last about four years.

If the battery is good it should read around 12.4 volts when you turn the key on, if that reads lower then the battery is probably fading, any reading at 12v or under the battery is flat or dead.

Usually a battery will let you know that it's on the way out by cranking slowly, occasionally they drop a cell and just die out of the blue
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