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FWIW, earlier this month I ordered an item from CARiD. If you go to and scroll down, you'll see they specialize in a lot of guy categories like motorcycles, boats, tools, camping, and powersports - which, if you click the link it takes you to their list of products. In otherwords, POWERSPORTSiD is affiliated some how with CARiD. It's a beautiful website and very professionally done.

When I ordered, it said products ship in 24 hours. 2 days later I got an email with the shipping info, which when you click it it takes you to FedEx where it said a label was created. Every time I checked for the next week, it said the same thing. Normally when you're notified a label has been made, it means the company has the product and is waiting for the shipper to pick it up. I called customer service around day 4 and got someone in a foreign country at a call center who said they couldn't check on my order because the company was closed. At that time it was a weekday and was 3 pm on the east coast, so I'm thinking WTF? Well after about 8 days I googled to see if there were any complaints about this company and found this.

So by this point I figure, I'm burned. Around day 10 I was going to call customer service and cancel my order, but I thought I'd check status again first. It showed that FedEx had actually picked it up that very day and now my order was on a truck, on the way (per FedEx). I finally did receive my item around 4 days later. So all in it took 2 weeks to get it - but based on these complaints, I should be happy I got it.

I have no idea what these guys are doing, but something seems off so I'm wondering what kind of an experience you guys have had if you used this company? These 2 companies are connected, but I could not find any complaints against POWERSPORTSid, but there was a stunning amount on CARiD. They post all over the other UTV forums, too. Maybe they're fine (if you don't mind all the spam on this forum) but just wondering about others' experience? I hope they're fine, but maybe poorly run. To their credit, they were the only one anywhere who had the particular item I ordered. I'd welcome a comment from the rep clarify the relationship of these two companies. They all have the same address.
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